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At Próxima Comunicación, this is how we understand the word. All these concepts combine to form a communication agency that builds strategies that add value to your business, to the environment, and to society.

What we do

We ensure better communication between companies and their audiences, regarding what they are doing well and how they are achieving it. This is a necessary step in showing the average consumer how, through their decisions, they can contribute to a fair economy and benefit both people and the environment.

We categorize our services into three dimensions:


What We Think

Effective communication is well thought out communication. To think clearly, we must understand context, the client's needs, areas for improvement, and opportunities for impact.


What We Say

We carefully consider the quality and form of the content that we offer to audiences, in order to achieve effective results through our communication strategies.


What We Do

We use our professional experience and leverage our team's talent to develop specialized communication products and create events and strategic activities.


As a company specialized in issues of sustainable development, the circular economy, and the triple bottom line, we are careful to strategically address our clients' communication objectives. In this way, we help them effectively reach both their audiences and their short-, medium-, and long-term corporate goals.

Our Team


Premios y Reconocimientos

Through our extensive experience in sustainability issues, at Próxima Comunicación, we have earned multiple international recognitions and awards, many through our sister company, ecoins. Among these honors are included the following awards:


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Our Locations:

Costa Rica | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Nicaragua | Panama | Caribbean and South American Partners

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