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for Sustainability

At Próxima Comunicación, we know that freedom and responsibility are linked. For this reason, we employ our creative freedom to craft strategic communication services designed to help organizations develop, strengthen, and catalyze their social and environmental responsibility efforts.

We believe in businesses that place sustainability at the center of their operations – in those that dare to go one step beyond their profits and provide their communities with social and environmental value. For these companies, we know that the support of a strategic communications partner – one that understands their needs and knows how to streamline processes with their audiences – is very important to achieving their goals. That’s why, at our agency, we know how to provide content, form, and action for an organization’s sustainability.

We approach communication for sustainability based on what we call the four C's of Proxima: Coherence, Clarity, Competence and Credibility (Trust).


Our Purpose

We believe that an idea is not sufficient to change the world.

We exist to lead and communicate this transformation toward sustainability.

Our Values

At Próxima, we redefine new values... What's more, we invent new words! Our team works with joy, as we add value to our clients' businesses.










Proposals Based on Coherence

We believe we are doing our part in the efforts toward decarbonization, sustainability, and circularity.


Carbon Neutrality

Faced with the global challenge of reducing emissions, we take on our carbon footprint responsibly. Since 2015, we have monitored, controlled, reduced, mitigated, and compensated for the CO2 emissions we create. Today, we proudly say that we have been Carbon Neutral certified since 2017.

In addition – and hand in hand with our sister company ecoins,– we support the sustainable management of recoverable waste, thus helping to reduce the spectrum of emissions from the third-largest source of greenhouse gases in Costa Rica. As an applied communications tool, ecoins supports waste recycling through our wide network of partners, allies, and ecoins currency users.



Próxima has fully entered the world of the "circular economy" through ecoins, the first virtual eco-currency in the region, encouraging consumers to earn economic value as they recycle. The results obtained by ecoins have allowed our agency to receive the maximum “A” rating in the Circulitycs® evaluation from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Circulitycs® is an index that assesses how circular a product's life cycle management is; this achievement is highly relevant to us and the world, as it aims to promote an economic model that maximizes resources and reduces waste.

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