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The greater the awareness around sustainability, the greater the public’s interest in interacting with companies capable of responding transparently and actively to critical and current issues in their respective business areas.


Próxima is an ideal ally in connecting the conscious consumer with responsible companies and organizations. We make public relations more than a business tool; this is an instrument for your sustainable development.

At Próxima, we identify the opportunities within your reach and transform them into coherent, relevant, and significant messages through omnichannel strategies that will allow you not only to strengthen your reputation and leadership, but also achieve both your business objectives and your environmental and social management goals.

We categorize our services into three dimensions: What We Think, What We Say, and What We Do.


What We Think

Effective communication is well thought out communication. To think clearly, we must understand context, the client's needs, areas for improvement, and opportunities for impact. This is  how we develop strategies for effective communication.


We offer innovative communication solutions for effective communication with your diverse audiences. We work with our clients to analyze information and practice strategic decision-making regarding their image and reputation.


What We Say:

At Próxima, we carefully consider the quality and form of the content that we offer to audiences, in order to achieve effective results through our communication strategies.


Current communication strategies require intelligent network and digital channel management. Our partnership with Boomerang, a specialist in tailored digital marketing, allows us to offer digital communication services based on data, metrics, and appropriate content. For international clients, we team up with Edelman colleagues in Mexico or Colombia, to design and implement our digital communication plans.


What We Do:

We employ our professional experience and leverage our team's talent to develop specialized communication products and create events and strategic activities.


We are certified in and on top of the latest trends in preparing Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability reports. Based on this expertise, we help organizations prepare products that are effectively accountable to their audiences. This reporting is of special relevance, if we consider that 69% of senior executives at medium and large companies in Latin America say they have sustainability strategies; this, according to the study "Sustainability in the Latin American Leadership Agenda," which was financed by SAP and based on consultations with 410 regional leaders.

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